F Plus Episode 83

83: Just The 160,000 Of Us


Some people believe that it's poor form to make fun of people with legitimate mental issues. We have a slightly different ethical stance on the matter, mostly centered around the fact that Connie Marshall makes us all giggle. But anyway, if you were to have this standard, where would you draw the line? If people with schizophrenia are off-limits, what about people who don't have schizophrenia, but pretend like they do? Wouldn't that just be a different kind of mental disorder? And if those people were banging on about how they're being persecuted by the "singlets", wouldn't that drain any compassion you might otherwise feel? To test all of these, we're exploring Multiple Systems - a complicated architecture drawn by people whose brains are basically a television with a hyperactive remote. This week, we're running out of voodka.

  1. Lou Rawls - Pure Imagination
  2. Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son
  3. Bill Withers - Just The Two of Us