F Plus Episode 73

73: I Can Do Dream Analysis In My Sleep


For man to be truly aware of himself, he must explore his own mind. To examine your own thoughts, wants and failures and growing on the things you've learned is the way to thrive; to be a member of an evolving species who looks toward the horizon and takes a step forward. But what of dreams, those manifestations of your subconscious that you cannot seize control of? With an expression so disjointed and free of rational thought, can a dream really ever be understood? Well, if you're a member of dreammoods.com, sure! All you gotta do is start typing. This week, The F Plus is just waiting for Varzandeh to show up.

  1. Everly Brothers - All I Have to Do Is Dream
  2. Twin Peaks - The Dream
  3. Dokken - Dream Warriors
  4. Dead Milkmen - Dean's Dream