F Plus Episode 156

156: Auto Moronic Asphyxiation


Internet eroticism is a varied, confusing, and repulsive subject. To that end, this is an episode about people who have sex with cars. Confused? Well, if you listen to this entire episode, you'll still be confused. And more than a little grossed out. But hopefully entertained. This week, The F Plus is using Jason's email address.

  1. Hank Williams Jr- Canyonero
  2. Billy Ocean- Get Out of my Dreams (Get into my Car)
Chapters provided by ikaribattousai
1 00:00:00 Intro
2 00:01:35 Scheduled Car Fucking
3 00:03:35 NEVER Fuck the Car Hot!!!
4 00:09:08 It Even Burnt My Penis Hole Shut
5 00:13:08 Accidentally
6 00:19:11 Slutty, Slutty Cars
7 00:25:35 Fumes Fetish
8 00:35:29 GMB1 Fucks it Hot
9 00:45:46 A Rube Goldberg Machine of Fucking Cars
10 00:49:13 Natalie is Definitely a Real Woman
11 00:51:30 Pics or it Didn't Combust
12 00:56:10 I Need Black Smoke
13 00:57:27 What Have We Learned from Any of This?
14 01:02:45 Outro

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