F Plus Bingo

Sometimes the people we feature on The F Plus can be really predictable. To that end, we discussed the idea of an actual F Plus bingo card on air and hoped the listeners would provide.…

Quite Exasperating, Episode 5

Quite Exasperating, Episode 4

Quite Exasperating, Episode 3

Quite Exasperating, Episode 2

Season's Greetings 2012

Edited by Bunnybread.

Irregular #3: Asexuals

Now it's time for the asexuals to get their say! We sat down with three webcomic artists who have no shame in telling you that they have not had sex in their lives. Might they do so in…

Irregular #2: Furries

For our second episode, we have a meandering conversation with three very different people inside the furry community. Kaye Devin (a shiba inu who does commission art), Veneer Maro (a…

Irregular #1: Kindleporn Authors

Irregular is a whole new podcast concept we've been working on for a little while, and we hope you're as pleased with the result as we are currently. Differing from The F Plus, the…

Pokemon OK!

Portaxx made this.

Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine [an audiobook]

One of our favorite sites, Regretsy, recently featured this Kindle-only novella by Kitty Glitter (author of Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Dicklessness and The Feline Puerto Rican), and…

Internet Computer

Portaxx contacted me a week before F Plus Live 2 and said she wanted to make a real cartoony cartoon to show. I've known Portaxx long enough to know that she's not the type to make…

The Mix'd Nuts vs. Tha Meetballs

So, what we have here doesn't actually count as an F Plus Episode, but rather as a sketch that we did, based on a couple ideas we had been thinking about for a month or so. What…

Lyrical Guesstimation: Lady ft. Fella - I Need

The Ska Bands Performing At F Plus Live 2