Irregular #1: Kindleporn Authors

Irregular #1: Kindleporn Authors

Irregular is a whole new podcast concept we've been working on for a little while, and we hope you're as pleased with the result as we are currently.

Differing from The F Plus, the idea behind Irregular is to actually have subjects on the show, and to have a conversation with them about what makes them who they are. This is very much a side project which won't be done as often as The F Plus, but it's a concept we're excited about and based on the strength of our first episode, we're hoping to make some more of these.

In the first Irregular episode, we have a lively discussion with three very different Kindleporn authors. There's Jessi Bond, Francis Ashe and a secret guest who wishes to remain nameless for reasons that will become obvious fairly quickly into the episode.

We spend about an hour and a half talking about the business of erotica publishing, the inspiration necessary for writing stories about vampires having sex with their stepfathers, and the sideways efforts of censorship.

Music: L'Aguardiente by Camper Van Beethoven

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