Magnetic Poetry Kit

Magnetic Poetry Kit
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Sure, you like listening to terrible poetry on The F Plus, but isn't it about time you create your own? That's a problem with a solution, friend. These magnet sheets are 4"x5.625" in size, are 20mm thick, and…

Limited Edition Buttons

Limited Edition Buttons
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These limited edition buttons are a 2.25" circle, have a weather resistant plastic front and a durable steel pinback. Comes shipped in a small, bubble-padded envelope. Shipping included. Now buy some.

A Glove Fetish Is Like A Watch Fetish But With Gloves

A Glove Fetish Is Like A Watch Fetish But With Gloves
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The World Wide Glove Fetish Association (or WWGFA, for those in the know) is a surprisingly popular forum where the predominantly British members discuss the intricacies of their fetish for gloves while a dedicated group…