Masters of Bating

Masters of Bating
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If you're looking for a place where old men are chattin' about jackin', you could do a lot worse than JackinChat dot com. These are men who have transcended masturbation as you might know it and recognize it as the only…


Cloisonné Pins

Cloisonné Pins
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Such elegance! We did up an order of 100 bright n' shiny lapel pins, which you can put on your backpack, hat, necktie, or that terrible ill fitting suit jacket that you still wear to weddings. About the size of a US…

Fetish Paintings [SOLD]

Fetish Paintings [SOLD]
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As a donation incentive for Garbage Day, we produced and shipped these toys out to the top donators for each hour. They were a lot of work to make, and as part of the process, Sanguinary Novel created two original…

Garbage Day (Hours 1 - 6)

Garbage Day (Hours 1 - 6)
  • Braingasms (ASMR)
  • Statues Are Sexy
  • 13 Magickal Moons
  • Drug Trip Reports
  • iUniverse (A Vanity Press)
  • Gentle Likpas

Garbage Day (Hours 7 - 12)

Garbage Day (Hours 7 - 12)
  • The Mormon-Alien Conspiracy
  • Freeballin'
  • Let's Channel Some Spirits!
  • F Plus Raps!
  • Sports Suck!
  • Yahoo! Answers

Garbage Day (Hours 13 - 18)

Garbage Day (Hours 13 - 18)
  • URGH! Sissykiss!?!?
  • The Duality of Catgirls
  • TV Tropes' Nightmare Fuel
  • The Greenland Theory
  • Transformers Kink Meme
  • Clips 4 Sale