F Plus Live 6

F Plus Live 6
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by: Lemon

Saturday, August 19th This year's F Plus Live is promising to be the biggest year ever. And I don't mean that metaphorically, either. We have about five times the space as ever before, and we're going to fill it with our…


I'll Show You The Life Of The Mind

I'll Show You The Life Of The Mind
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The premise of the Millenial-focused superblog Thought Catalog can be neatly summarized in its slogan All thinking is relevant. This is infuriating by itself, and not helped by the dozen or so incredibly prolific bloggers…


Heal Yourself With Crystals

Heal Yourself With Crystals
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The proprietors of online crystal shop EnergyMuse.com inform us that “almost ever [sic] ancient civilization has utilized Earth energy—in the form of crystals and gems—in some way.” And if you think that statement is suspect…



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If you visit RantRampage.com, you'll find that the middle 390 pixels are filled with thousands of grievances filed by anonymous people on every available subject. That's followed by dozens of comments by more anonymous…


Limited Edition Stickers

Limited Edition Stickers
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We do limited runs of sticker designs, and from here on out, all the money we get from sticker sales will be donated directly to the Southern Poverty Law Center. We'll be sending them regular donations from the earnings…