F Plus Live 4: The Greatest Weekend In History

F Plus Live 4: The Greatest Weekend In History


This event is over. For recordings, go here.

F Plus Live 4 is a two day event! Saturday we're having a party in Sisyphus Brewing starting at 8PM, then Sunday is the actual show at Grumpy's Downtown starting at 9PM. Come to both, details below.

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We're starting off the event in the excellent private room at Sisyphus Brewing. Sisyphus is one of Minneapolis' finest craft breweries, and one that's very committed to small-batch brewing; The taps change constantly, and everything is five bucks. We'll be partying until midnight and experiencing (among other things) karaoke software written by Boots Raingear. Have you been waiting for a day when The F Plus can serenade you (live)? The wait is nearly over.

Sisyphus is a taproom without a kitchen, and as such have a bring-your-own policy with food.The FÜD thread on ballp.it has demonstrated there's a lot of enthusiastic cooks that listen to The F Plus, so bring something to share! Otherwise we'll figure out pizzas, because we're planning on experiencing an amount of beer that's unwise on an empty stomach. Add to Google Calendar | Add To iCal


Poster by Travis Ramsey

We're gonna be at Grumpy's Downtown reading fanfiction! We've spent all this preparation time scouring fanfiction.net, archiveofourown.org, and several other places too horrible to namedrop here to find the most appalling fanfiction The Internet has to offer, and on Sunday, October 4th, we're gonna read it to you. One after another, our readers will present what they've found, and we're planning other little bits too.

You will be delighted! You will be horrified! But...you will be entertained! Add to Google Calendar | Add To iCal

Both of these events are 21+, both of these events are brought to you without a cover charge. If you feel like buying some merch or buying a ridiculist a beer, I imagine it would be appreciated.

And now you know a lot more about F Plus Live 4. In the past, these events have always been a great amount of fun, and there's every reason to believe this weekend will be as well.

See you there,

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