F Plus Episode live6a

live6a: F Plus Live 6 | Conjuring Satan | Part 1


The F Plus Live 6 is the biggest and most dangerous F Plus Live in history. After explaining the premise of the show, Lemon starts out handing out documents (or "spells"), and the audience quickly learns there's going to be a lot to wrap your head around.

  1. Bunnybread: A Story of Dirt Eating from Experience Project
  2. Achilles' Heelies: A selection of poetry from Authors Den
  4. Jack Chick: some spells and magic from Spells And Magic
  5. Boots Raingear: Reiki Healing Increases Sex Power & Orgasm

This is part 1. Part 2 is here.

  1. Ol Dirty Bastard - Cold Blooded
  2. George Michael - Careless Whisper
  3. Chamillionaire - Riding Dirty
  4. Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills
  5. Bad Religion - Punk Rock Song

Additional Fun

  1. Photos of F Plus Live Weekend (Google Photos Album)

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