F Plus Episode live3a

live3a: F Plus Live 3 | Weird Romance | Part 1


From the raucous Grumpy's Bar in Downtown Minneapolis, The F Plus Live is back! This time with an overarching concept of Weird Romance, you'll be hearing pieces many different books, all written by authors with different mental problems.

  1. John Toast: Sass Girls X by Imari Imarea
  2. Isfahan: Your Alpha My Mate by WolfWriter
  3. Boots Raingear, Kumquatxop & Lemon: Law & Order Fanfic by Where Did Angels Go?
  4. Bunnybread: Trolling For Pussy by Brenda Stokes Lee
  5. Frank West: Do Unto Others by Nick Stark
  6. Portaxx: Twisted! by Miranda Leek
  7. Victor Laszlo & STOG: Dark Knight Reboot (pt 1)
  1. Chamillionare - Ridin