F Plus Episode 87

87: So Clearly You All Hate Us


A little while ago, we opened it up to you, The F Plus listeners, to provide us with some of the most intensely absurd material we could find. Then we had troubles releasing episodes regularly, but the two are unrelated. The point is, we sounded the alarm, and several people inundated us with crazy. To celebrate that fact, we have here a selection of three of the most irritating and/or baffling submissions of the lot, wrapped up with a little bow. You know, for fun. This week, we introduce Jenny J Jay Number J.

  1. Ryunosuke Kudo - Amaterasu
  2. void - Idealized Romance
  3. RANDO - Maxx U Flippin' Out?
  4. Kenichi Chiba - Please Don't Go (2step)