F Plus Episode 71

71: Amazon Recommends Years of Therapy


Respected authors and lifelong readers hold differing opinion on the benefits of the kindle. While some bemoan the loss of the tactile pleasures of a good novel, others feel an e-book is a purer manifestation of the written word. Of course, their debate is an irrelevancy. Human society never backs away from a technology for romantic reasons and those who want to do so are usually being nostalgic just because they enjoy being nostalgic. Plus, most people are just reading porn on those things anyway. This week, The F Plus tries to return our inflatable dog.

  1. Lobsterdust - Britney The Pimp (Britney Spears vs Don Julian)
  2. X - Adult Books
  3. Madness - Night Boat To Cairo
  4. Magnetic Fields - The Book of Love
  5. Del Tha Funkeehomosapien - Money For Sex
  6. Lovage - Book of the Month