F Plus Episode 112

112: I've Got My Spine, I've Got My Woman Crushed


There's moments of blissful comfort that can be undeniably wonderful. To find someone that you care about, and wrap their body around your own, silently sharing a few moments of euphoric, peaceful togetherness, is there anything better than that? The people in this week's episode would say: Yes, it would be better if she was flat and she just spent an hour talking about how flat she was, that would be totally hot. Because this podcast is still going strong, and as it turns out we haven't exhausted the weird fetishes yet, so this time it's about the object of your affection being flat. This week, The F Plus can't just play the theme song once.

  1. The Horrible F Plus Jingle
  2. The Horrible F Plus Jingle
  3. FC Kahuna - Bleep Freak
  4. Neal Sedaka - Calendar Girl
  5. The Horrible F Plus Jingle

Additional Fun