F Plus Episode 103

103: Was It Worth It?


I guess if you think about it for a little while, you could probably come up with a couple good things that women have provided for the world. Apparently the square bottom paper grocery bag was invented by a woman, also COBOL, and say what you will about the execution, but Toxic is a pretty catchy song. Still though, for the writers of sites like the-spearhead.com, avoiceformen.com and Men Going Their Own Way, that simply isn't enough. These are some dudes that have some issues with women, and like a lot of things, that's the fault of women. This week, The F Plus feels emboldened by the smell of urinal cakes.

  1. James Brown - It's A Man's Man's Man's World
  2. FC Kahuna - Bleep Freak
  3. Guns N Roses - Back Off Bitch
  4. Destiny's Child - Independent Women Part I
  5. Ten Masked Men - Independent Women Part I

Fanart for this episode:

SHAUN/11 NEVER FORGET ~ art by transatlanticalien