We do this podcast for the same reason you listen to it: Because it's fun. But it's a fun that comes with its own costs and a lot of time expended in everything involved. To that end, we'd like you contribute. Here's how...


  1. Join the Football Congress, nerd.
  2. Donate via PayPal.
  3. Register for a paid account on
  4. Get yourself a patch or two.


  1. Tell your friends about the podcast.
  2. You've probably got a social media account or three. Share some links to your favorite episodes.
  3. Try submitting a document.
  4. Send some facts into Adjudicated Guess
  5. Dig into the F Plus codebase or ballpit codebase on GitHub and make improvements to the site.
  6. We like those drawings you do.
  7. Wanna do an Irregular episode?
  8. has bulbs, but no "most bulbed" section. Wanna build one?
  9. Got another way you wanna help? Send Lemon a message.