F Plus Live In Portland

F Plus Live In Portland


This event is over. For recordings, go here.

Update Oct 28th, 2019: Tickets for the main event are currently sold out, however you can yourself to the waitlist in case more tickets come available. However, tickets for the karaoke afterparty are still available, so snatch those up while you can.

Alright, we're prepping for another live show, this time in Portland.

Saturday, January 18th, The F Plus will be hosting a live game show at the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall in Slabtown. Our premise is guided by The Big Board.

One by one, The Ridiculists will come up to the stage, and The Big Board will assign them a topic they have never seen before, and the only thing they can be sure of is that it will be stupid. From there, they'll be forced to compete against the other ridiculists to see who can read their terrible thing with the most enthusiasm, and you will be the judge.

It'll be an evening of drinking and stupidity, and we intend to make it a fun one. Tickets are limited and available on presale right this very second, so please do yourself the favor and secure yours.

Live Show Karaoke Party

What's this about an afterparty?

In previous years we've planned for a booze and karaoke afterparty, and some of those years we've actually managed to have the afterparty after the show. This is one of those years. History has proven this events to be consistently wonderful, and I have no reason to think this one would be an exception.

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