F Plus Episode live6c

live6c: F Plus Live 6 | Conjuring Satan | Part 3


For the last segment of F Plus Live 6, we consult a supercomputer and our nearest available Frank West to learn that we have not yet collected enough magicks to summon Satan. And so, we take drastic measures.

  1. Lemon & The Audience: badfic snippets
  2. J W Friedman: Read how Katy Perry's video Firework is witchcraft and how the spell is cast
  3. Adam Bozarth: The Yahoo Answers of Spanky Gazpacho
  4. Frank West: Shelia Thong Sandal Goddess by mrstanley

Lemon's reading (provided by Lady Frenzy) was cut for time and then performed the next day at the karaoke afterparty. Here is a video of that.

  1. Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy
  2. Looking Glass - Brandy
  3. DJ Shadow ft. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak
  4. Clockwork Orange OST - Funeral March of the Queen Mary
  5. Buster Poindexter - Hot Hot Hot!

Additional Fun

  1. Photos of F Plus Live Weekend (Google Photos Album)

Credits & Thanks

  • This event was recorded live at Grumpy's in Downtown Minneapolis.
  • All the audio engineering was managed by Boots Raingear and Jimmyfranks
  • Post processing and audio editing were done by Jimmyfranks
  • Larger props (including both pentagrams and the F Plus backsplash) were fabricated by Jason Gillman
  • Show posters designed by Travis Ramsey, imagery and elements from the posters used in graphics for the live episodes
  • The spell box (including all the envelope designs and spell typesetting) was done by Adam Bozarth
  • Most of the live photos were taken by Sanguinary Novel (also Ambious)
  • Speaking of Sanguinary Novel, she designed the tattoos. Here's a pic of Heelies with one on his forehead
  • Those shirts? Positronic designed those
  • Satan was played by Victor Laszlo
  • Lemon's Satanic Coordinator was played by Nutshell Gulag
  • Thanks to absolutely everyone who came down. It was a magickal evening for everyone involved, and we are so, so pleased with how it turned out. A lot of you people are very nice
  • To that end, buy someone a drink this weekend. If they don't drink, buy them a taco.