F Plus Episode 82

82: I Sink I Love You


As third wave feminism took hold in the 1990's, popular culture found themselves once again looking at the power dynamics of sexuality. Could a woman be strong and independent while still bandying around words like “slut”? Perhaps. Can people live self-actualized lives and still secretly crave a certain sense of helplessness and longing for the strength of another? Probably. Is this a terrible summary for an episode that's all about ladies getting stuck in quicksand? Undoubtedly. We're exploring QuicksandFans.com - a site for people who really like to think about other people getting stuck in preposterous situations only slightly less embarassing than Mitt Romney's current campaign. This week, the F Plus learns the correct way to measure how much room there is in your bog.

  1. Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue
  2. Martha and the Vandellas - Quicksand