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272: Yiff The Gathering

F Plus Episode 272

Furoticon is a game similar to Magic: The Gathering, but with two important distinctions: The objective of the game is to get your furry trading cards to have sex with each other and the rules are impossible to figure out. But we're not going to let that slow us down. We're going to read these rules, and if that doesn't make us horny, we'll move onto to the forum roleplay.

This week, The F Plus doesn't know what we can do, but you don't have to pay anything if you don't want the final product.

  1. Har Mar Superstar - Restless Leg
  2. DJ Lobsterdust - Booty Pressure

Additional Fun

  1. Great Sex Tips!
  2. Bad Accent Club In The Google Play Store

Image used for cover: Secret Practice by thanshuhai

by Shell Game