F Plus Episode 160

160: To Serve Otherkin


Listen buddy, I don't want to eat your human food. I might look like a human, but I'm actually a bullfrog in my soul, so I want to eat bullfrog food. Except I don't want to eat bugs because that would be totally gross. And if that doesn't make any sense, you need to check your Making Sense Privilege. This week, we're exploring the delicious recipes of Kin Food: A website set up specifically to distribute recipes to tumblrites who refused to be pigeonholed (unless they're part pigeon and part hole). This week, The F Plus has a soft spot for people eating folks.

  1. Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf
  2. Parappa the Rapper- Seafood Cake

Additional Fun

Jimmyfranks' prize package