What is ballp.it?


ballp.it is the community forum for The F Plus.

Launched in February of 2013, ballp.it evolved as a place for The F Plus ridiculists and listeners to discuss the Internet at large, as well as the regular forum pablum, and it is our attempt at facilitating a larger conversation as well as a sustainability model that makes sense.

We serve up thousands and thousands of downloads every time an episode goes online, and we are unanimously delighted that there are as many people out there who find this kind of thing as entertaining as we do. We're proud of the output we've made, and happy of the community we've built. And you're welcome to participate.

The one-time $10 registration fee serves two purposes: It's there as a barrier to entry for nimrods and Russian spammers, it's also there to supplement the various costs we encounter while producing The F Plus and related projects. Making a podcast isn't incredibly expensive, but it isn't free either, and between Boots and myself, we spend hundreds of dollars a year giving people access to the thing we spend hundreds of hours making. The forum registration fee defers those costs and makes it so the podcast operates at less of a loss, which is the goal.

Also, having a great forum. That's the other goal.

So poke around on ballp.it. If you like it, kick ten bucks in and start posting.

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