24 Terrible Hours

24 Terrible Hours


An F Plus Marathon

On March 31st at 6PM Eastern, the ridiculists of The F Plus will begin broadcasting a day-long episode, livestreamed with video on thefpl.us. Hosted by Lemon and Boots Raingear for the entire 24 hours and joined by a rotating list of ridiculists and special guests, we promise to exhaust your ears, eyes, and minds with every terrible piece of online writing that we can get our hands on.

While this is happening, we will be soliciting donations for The Southern Poverty Law Center, an American non-profit organization dedicated to fighting hatred and bigotry through legal advocacy and education.

What you should expect

  • 24 separate topics, one for each hour, all curated by the hard-working contributors to the podcast, with new guests and ridiculists being swapped in every hour
  • All of the failed jokes, pointless asides, and confused pauses that usually get removed from the podcast
  • Updates from Lemon on current Juggalo drama
  • Jimmyfranks being given a choice
  • Frank West playing a game
  • Recipes
  • WikiHow
  • STOG
  • and MUCH MORE