Monster Manual: A Coloring & Activity Book

A couple months ago I had the idea of producing a coloring & activity book as an item of merch, but I had no idea it would turn out as great as this.

With art provided by Sauce, Spooks, Adam Bozarth, King Kalamari, Lemon and Portaxx, The Monster Manual is 28 pages of 9"x6" colorable delights, like The Warning Of The Fetish Mimic, the many creatures of Terra Incognito Tab (including Ice Chewer, Glove Collector, and Cuddlebugs) Juggalo James Joyce's Poetry Workshop, a smoking game and a drinking game, a butt plug maze, real Reptilian feet, and so so much more. This book is an absolute delight.

28 thick matte pages have been tested with crayon, colored pencil, Sharpie and Rollerball, and these books were happy to absorb all of it. The outside is a glossy cover with full color designs by Sauce and Spooks respectively.

Base price of each book is $9 with your price adjusted for postage. Books will be shipped first class mail in a white 9x6 envelope. If you want a bulk discount contact Lemon directly.


Here's some photos of monsters