Magnetic Poetry Kit

Magnetic Poetry Kit

Sure, you like listening to terrible poetry on The F Plus, but isn't it about time you create your own? That's a problem with a solution, friend.

These magnet sheets are 4"x5.625" in size, are 20mm thick, and contain over 90 F Plus-related tiles, scored for easy removal so you can quickly turn your refrigerator into the cultural epicentre and/or showcase of horror we've always believed it to be.

Sold out.

by Lemon
by Achilles' Heelies
by JW Friedman
by Ironicus
by Shell Game
by Saponaceous
by Ven Malakim
by Proto Collie
by Rekt Rhys & Curly Hooligan
by Curly Hooligan
by Rekt Rhys
by Andrew Lattner
by Skeep
by nudna
by SirSlarty
by Coalbus

Got a poem to share? Send it to Lemon.