Garbage Music For Garbage People

Garbage Music For Garbage People

As in previous years, Boots Raingear made 24 unique individual songs to collectively serve as The Soundtrack to Escape From Garbage Day 2022, and now you can own it for yourself, for the absurdly low cost of $0.00! How can we make money on such an endeavor? We don't.

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Track List

  1. I Can't Escape From Garbage Day
  2. Urge Satisfaction
  3. Spells n' Claps
  4. Penultimate Caress
  5. Harry Potter MIght Be Jesus?
  6. A Very Likeable Character Is Horny About the Wrong Subject
  7. The Snizz' Newphew Wrote This Song
  8. Buttz and Nutz
  9. I Like Music. We Like Gnoosic
  10. The Dick Tuggin' Theme Song
  11. Bunnybread ft. DJ Boots - A Thoughtful Observational Rap
  12. A Dramatic Art Deviant
  13. Meet Lou
  14. The Indigo Man
  15. I'd Eat Your Type
  16. Crush
  17. The Ballad of Gygax
  18. The Most Beautiful 9-Word Poem But Only If You Count Compound Words as 1 Word Otherwise it's the Most Beautiful 11-Word Poem
  19. Marmite
  20. Pretty Sure I Saw This Band Open for The Swarm aka Knee Deep In the Dead at Who's Emma in Kensington Market in 1997
  21. A Tale of Hot Mons
  22. I'm Pretty Sure His Name Was Actually Mandalla
  23. Perfectly Normal

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