Audio Garbage: The Music of Garbage Day 2019

Audio Garbage: The Music of Garbage Day 2019

For the amazing and profound experience that was Garbage Day 2019, Boots Raingear took it upon himself to write and record 24 separate theme songs. Once the marathon was over, we had to think of the best way for those songs to be preserved and shared.

And we fucking figured it out! We've preserved the music of Garbage Day in an outdated medium known as an "audio cassette" and let me tell you something: These tapes are fuckin' sweet. All 24 Garbage Day tracks plus an album-only bonus track by JW Friedman called "MMMBummer". It's the saddest and most profound Hanson cover you'll ever hear.

Don't have a tape player? That's not a surprise! And also irrelevant. These tapes will come with a redemption code for you to download all the music in MP3 format, plus you'll have a thing that looks neat.


Check out these fuckin' tapes!