FIXED AUDIO: F Plus Live Two part Two

So I just now realized that I accidentally uploaded an unfinished workfile of the audio for part 2 instead of the correct file with cleaned audio throughout. Both files start out the same, but by the time bumpgrrl gets on stage things get a little wonky, and by the time Portaxx is listing ways to say I Love You, the audio is definitely A Problem.

Honestly, I'm sure plenty of you noticed this, but maybe you were too polite to say anything, because it wasn't put to my attention until now.

SO, what I need you to do is delete your old file, fplus_live_2b_final.mp3. That's the one that's unkind to your ears, and it was uploaded accidentally. DELETE IT! The new file is called fplus_live_2b_fixedaudio.mp3, and that is up to standard. Also, you can actually hear Portaxx speak, which is sometimes a good thing.

As I said, both files start out the exact same, but there's a real difference in sound quality after Jimmyfranks' reading. Plus, now you have an excuse to listen to this again!

Last Updated on Friday, 14 October 2011 12:31  


+1 #4 Notm 2011-10-19 02:56
Also Julia, I read before you wanted to see a site where Portaxx commissions her art?
I didn't want to link it for fears that Portaxx would have my head on a platter.

Every bit of promotions helps right? RIGHT? D:
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+2 #3 Julia 2011-10-18 15:17
I'm keeping my original part 2 audio so I can sell it for millions when it becomes a "collectible"!
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+1 #2 Portaxx in JET WORLD 2011-10-15 13:44
"Also, you can actually hear Portaxx speak, which is sometimes a good thing."

... this is because I was explaining the difference between Pop n' Music, DDR, and Beatmania, wasn't it? ;_;
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+1 #1 Notm 2011-10-14 14:34
Nothing says 'I Love You' more than a fixed audio podcast. With pizza.
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