IRREGULAR #2: Furries



Irregular has its own website as well as its own RSS Feed, so people subscribed to The F Plus won't be automatically downloading episodes of Irregular or vice versa, but we will be posting updates on this site when new episodes are out.

For our second episode, we have a meandering conversation with three very different people inside the furry community. Kaye Devin (a shiba inu who does commission art), Veneer Maro (a snow leopard who just got her first fursuit), and Ari (a lion who is proud of his kinks).

We spend about an hour talking about the genesis of realizing that you are a furry, the procurement and utilization of fursuits, and the plusses and minuses of the furry community as a whole.

Music: L'Aguardiente by Camper Van Beethoven

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Content's coming soonish.

Just wanted to leave a quick note: We have a couple episodes recorded and waiting to be released, the editing has just been a little backlogged at the moment.


Episode 77: Go Get 'Em, Tiger

READERS: Isfahan, Portaxx, Boots Raingear, STOG, and Lemon.

Edited by Isfahan

In the four years that we've been cataloging the stranger parts of the Internet in podcast form, we've been asked why we've never done anything with furries. The issue mainly relies on the expansiveness of this subject - with the sheer amount of furries and furry-related shenanigans on the internet, along with the fact that most internet-savvy people at least have some passing knowledge of what a furry is, we need to be selective in our focus. Fortunately, Zeis introduced us to Pounced.Org - a furry dating website similar to okCupid, but with far more use of the term "diaperfur". This week, The F Plus develops a clothes-wearing fetish.

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  1. Gargoyle looking for a master/dom and friends.
  2. Just being a good friend and moving on.
  3. Scottish Student Skunkbear Seeks Sausage :D
  4. Foxie looking for friends only
  5. seeking bedroom fun or friends.
  6. Hyena Queen seeks Submissives (findomme)
  7. Seeking Stinky Girl
  8. Most Extreme Furry in the World, Seriously
  9. Demon Wolf
  10. Avilcores do EXIST!
  11. Certified Faguar (offline)


  • Nine Inch Nails - Closer
  • Kurrel the Raven - The Furry Song


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Episode 76: Today's Progress Was Yesterday's Form Field

READERS: Kumquatxop, Portaxx, John, Boots Raingear, STOG, and Lemon.

Edited by Boots Raingear

In the run up to the 2008 American election, Barack Obama told the world that "We are the change we seek." And now, as we reflect on our discontent with the status quo of tax policies, drone strikes, prisoners held indefinitely, and general apathy, we may realize that maybe we weren't looking for us at all. Real change is gonna come from the internet, in the form of asinine and pointless online petitions. We're looking at and, two sites where your voice can be heard, but it will still be marble-mouthed and pubescent. This week, who wants to get high? Go Islanders!

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  1. Everyone that believes in FREEDOM!: Give Adrien the day off on Friday!
  2. Mike Laforte: If 100 people signs this, mike will Come up to syracuse
  3. Nintendo: Make A Green 3DS
  4. pepsi company: vote for more caffeine in mountain dew (all)
  5. Super-Articulated My Little Ponies
  6. Production request for My Little Pony
  7. Tony's Penis is too Large
  8. More Good Dragons
  9. Lets Save America - Ban Anime Now
  10. Anime
  11. Ball Pits
  12. Forgive me, Joei
  13. We want foreskin generation!
  14. Stop and Disassemble the Large Hadron Collider


  • Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come
  • Chi-Lites - Give More Power To The People


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Hans Von Hozel needs a Pokey Man.

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Episode 75: If I Could Turn Back Time, I'd Still Cut You In Half

READERS: Isfahan, Kumquatxop, Boots Raingear, Portaxx, and Lemon.

Edited by Lemon

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange taught us a couple things about the world we live in. Firstly, it turns out that Steve Martin's hair may actually just be that color. But only slightly less shocking is the relevation that our government is keeping secrets from us. Millions of secrets! And yeah, some of them might involve the United States bombing our own journalists, but the folks at Above Top Secret have unraveled even deeper mysteries. Did you know that you can jump higher during the night time? It's true! Just don't bother testing that empirically because the Government will probably falsify your records. This week, The F Plus is breaking the laws of thermodynamics.

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  1. Immigration is Apart of the NWO Agenda
  2. Why Are These High Strangeness Bigfoot Encounters Ignored By The Mainstream?
  3. I swear I saw a Pterodactyl
  4. Why not float balloons into chemtrails to sample their contents?
  5. I believe I have superpowers...
  6. Who Can Picture The Size Of The UNIVERSE?
  7. Light creates gravity. Here's how.
  8. Don't Need Food To Live?
  9. Evil walks among us
  10. I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di
  11. Darwin is an idiot.
  12. All Of Science Is A Lie


  • Geto Boys - Mind Playin Tricks
  • Eiffel 65 I'm Blue (Da Ba Bee)

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For years now, you've been listening to The F Plus and wondering one thing: When are you fuckers going to produce some cheap schwag that I can buy, so all my nerd friends know which one of us is the raddest (and that it's me, if I haven't made that clear).

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Episode 74: Our Love Doesn't Need A Third Dimension

READERS: John, Bunnybread, Boots Raingear, Portaxx, and Lemon.

Edited by John

An independant artist and Jell-O spokeswoman once said "love is a battlefield". She then said "love is a battlefield" many more times, because it was part of the chorus of her hit single, and if you don't sing the hits, the guys that run the state fairs don't give you the money. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, love. It's a difficult topic, fraught with pain, heartbreak and uncertainty. Just because you love someone, does that mean she'll love you back? Well, if the object of your affection is a fictional cartoon character, the answer is always no, and among Otaku, that means yes. We're reading the thoughts of people in love with cartoon characters, and their love is just as real as their love for their last girlfriend. You don't know her. She lives in Canada. This week, The F Plus gets a busy signal trying to call the 3-D Police Department.

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  1. A Discourse On And Defense Of The Waifu Movement.
  2. ronery thread?
  3. ITT your definition of why 2D >>>> 3D
  4. ITT: Random /mai/-related posts...Share your daily waifu experience
  5. /mai/ I have one a bit waifu related problem. This might sound like a joke but it isn't, honestly.
  6. Are you people joking with this? Please tell me your are
  7. With your waifu was it love at first sight or did you fall in love over time?
  8. Why is she so perfect?
  9. If you have a sex drive, you are still a normalfag


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IRREGULAR #1: Kindleporn Authors


Kindleporn Authors

Irregular is a whole new podcast concept we've been working on for a little while, and we hope you're as pleased with the result as we are currently.

Differing from The F Plus, the idea behind Irregular is to actually have subjects on the show, and to have a conversation with them about what makes them who they are. This is very much a side project which won't be done as often as The F Plus, but it's a concept we're excited about and based on the strength of our first episode, we're hoping to make some more of these.

Irregular has its own website as well as its own RSS Feed, so people subscribed to The F Plus won't be automatically downloading episodes of Irregular or vice versa, but we will be posting updates on this site when new episodes are out.

In the first Irregular episode, we have a lively discussion with three very different Kindleporn authors. There's Jessi Bond, Francis Ashe and a secret guest who wishes to remain nameless for reasons that will become obvious fairly quickly into the episode.

We spend about an hour and a half talking about the business of erotica publishing, the inspiration necessary for writing stories about vampires having sex with their stepfathers, and the sideways efforts of censorship.

Music: L'Aguardiente by Camper Van Beethoven

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Episode 73: I Can Do Dream Analysis In My Sleep

Click for larger view

A hawk's head.
A hawk's head.

READERS: Isfahan, Boots Raingear, Victor Laszlo, John, and Lemon.

Edited by Isfahan

For man to be truly aware of himself, he must explore his own mind. To examine your own thoughts, wants and failures and growing on the things you've learned is the way to thrive; to be a member of an evolving species who looks toward the horizon and takes a step forward. But what of dreams, those manifestations of your subconscious that you cannot seize control of? With an expression so disjointed and free of rational throught, can a dream really ever be understood? Well, if you're a member of, sure! All you gotta do is start typing. This week, The F Plus is just waiting for Varzandeh to show up.

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  1. I am a fox.
  2. What does dreaming of sores mean?
  3. Pink Elephant
  4. Hawk Heads???
  5. Frightening dream!! will I lose him forever!?
  6. Horrifically discusting dream *warning* very disturbing
  7. eggs
  8. Lucid Abilities, what are yours?


  • Everly Brothers - All I Have to Do Is Dream
  • Twin Peaks - The Dream
  • Dokken - Dream Warriors
  • Dead Milkmen - Dean's Dream

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