Episode 94: I'm Really More Of An Idea Guy

READERS: Portaxx, Bunnybread, STOG, Boots Raingear, and Lemon. GUEST READER: Frank West.

Edited by Lemon

Most of the content for this episode was provided by Montrith

Politicians would insist that American ingenuity is the reason for American exceptionalism. They are, of course, lying. All it really takes to be exceptional is the belief that you are exceptional, everything else is just details. Fortunately for the subjects of tonite’s episode (the members of InventorSpot and AHHHA) details aren’t important. They have an idea. They haven’t given it any thought, they won’t give it any effort, and it’s not a good idea in the first place, but they have an idea. This week, pay attention or it's the naughty chair again.

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  1. eargasm
  2. land,sea, and air vehicle. all in one
  3. Every Idea I Have Ever Had
  4. Adult Batman Bed Sheets
  5. Get paid to post on social networks?
  6. Mealitary
  7. distribute an independent family dog movie that features dog dancing
  8. Fantasy Klout Draft Website
  9. manufactering sportcar design cars with low cost
  10. Home Stool Analyzer
  11. Kidnap for hire. Staged kidnappings.
  12. Barcode or QR reader that cooks microwave meals for you, hands-free
  13. iOS Car Media System
  14. Portable Naughty Chair
  1. Sue Dickson - Inventors And Inventions
  2. FC Kahuna - Bleep Freak
  3. Soul Coughing - The Idiot Kings


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Introducing ballp.it

If you've gone to this website with any regularity whatsoever, you've clearly recognized that we've outgrown our comments section. It's served its purpose for some time, and there's still some lovely gems in there, but we're inarguably beyond the point where we can rely on that thing to keep the discussion alive. Which is just as well, because I've been thinking about a forum for some time, and we're definitely at the point where we need to try it.

So, in secret, I've been building a Simple Machines Forum over the past couple weekends, and came together with a layout I'm happy with, and a number of opportunities to expand that'll be easy to work with should the project take off.

It's important to note here that everything that's previously existed continues to exist as it has. We're keeping the comments section and you can comment to your heart's content, although I'd strongly prefer that the comments section for an episode be a place where people can comment about that episode, and ballp.it be used for everything else.

It's in my head that while the site is a forum at its core, the concept of specified read/write permissions plus a way for people to talk back and forth on a specific topic should hopefully allow us to experiment with different ways of producing content, and that we can build up an experience more robust than crating long-running dick jokes.... although those are fun too.

The other thing worth mentioning here is that we are charging a one-time $10 charge for posting rights. The reasons for this are numerous and hopefully explained pretty well in the official message, but briefly it's a matter of creating better forum logistics so we'll have a better community in the long run, plus scraping out a couple of bucks to defer our server costs. Believe me, nobody's gonna get rich making this podcast, but maybe we can spend a little less.

So thanks for what you've done with us so far. Let's see what we can do next.

ballp.it: Where Hardons Collide

Last Updated on Monday, 27 January 2014 09:32

[SHORT] Braking Bad: Allens Attack

WRITTEN BY: Manbat. READ BY: Jimmyfranks, Acierocolotl, Isfahan, Lemon, Boots Raingear, Portaxx,

Edited by Isfahan

We were actually recording a completely unrelated episode when we stumbled across this content by accident. So, we just did what comes naturally to a young man.

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Episode 93: I Can't Put Up With You People Because You're Bastard People

READERS: Acierocolotl, John Toast, Jimmyfranks, Boots Raingear, Portaxx, and Lemon

Edited by Isfahan

Most of the content for this episode was provided by Montrith

The last dozen years of internet development has brought avenues of conversation we wouldn't have thought possible in the previous dozen. And yet, through all of this, is there any place at all where ill-informed idiots can gather together and spew pointless hate about random subjects? The answer of course is yes, there is all sorts of places where that exact thing happens. And yet, it wasn't until JustRage.com that anyone actually thought that would be a valid thing for a website to specialize in. This week, you get drunk, you skip school, just have sex already.

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  1. Here, let me just link you to the document we read from. That'll be easier on all of us, yes?
  1. Megadeth - Angry Again
  2. Sesame Street - I Get Mad


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Episode 92: We Don't Not Need No Uneducation

READERS: Victor Laszlo, STOG, John Toast, Portaxx, Jimmyfranks, and Lemon

Edited by Jimmyfranks

Much of the content for this episode was provided by Julia

Parenting, as many have said, is a difficult task. But it's a task that's made significantly simpler if you just decide you'll let your children do whatever they want. We're exploring the forums of mothering.com, a place where mothers can gather to discuss raising the single most brilliant and unique person the world has ever known, but it turns out there's quite a few of them. This week, we're stocking up on Placenta Helper.

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  1. Jimmie Logsdon - I Wanna Be Mothered
  2. The Dogs- Your Momma's On Crack Rock
  1. American Red Cross Donation Campaign Picture Features Woman Bottle Feeding Baby
  2. Lotus Birth
  3. Eating the Placenta?
  4. If there was a vaccine for AIDS...
  5. autism
  6. Old souls
  7. Polio
  8. Math Cirriculum
  9. unschooling
  10. christians-evolution


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Episode 91: Boy, You Fellas Sure Hate Frenulums

READERS: STOG, Kumquatxop, Boots Raingear, Bunnybread, and Lemon

Edited by Boots Raingear

Content for this episode was provided by Amanda Tu

There's around 7 billion living human bodies on this Earth, and while there's some general variance between them, you'll find a lot of similarities. And the members of bodymod.org finds this all dreadfully boring. Theirs is a place where people can gather to discuss doing terrible things to their flesh with other people who won't try to talk them out of it. This week, you're gonna wish we had anesthetic.

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  1. WouLd YOU Let your PARTNER pierce YOU??
  2. wanted tattoo penis cover up
  3. elf ears
  4. skin pocket
  5. Titanium teeth
  6. electronics in body (idea)
  7. Foot Amputation
  8. CuttingThe Frenum
  9. Pouch
  10. cock sheath
  11. would any woman like to give me a penectomy
  12. DIY Tattoos (Stick 'n' Poke)


  • NOMEANSNO - The Hawk Killed The Punk
  • Fugazi - Break In


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Season's Greetings

From Bunnybread, STOG, Boots Raingear, Portaxx, Acierocolotl, John Toast, and Lemon.

Edited by Bunnybread

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Last Updated on Saturday, 22 December 2012 01:45

Episode 90: The Remainder Of My Time Will Be A Series Of Grunts

READERS: Boots Raingear, STOG, Bunnybread, Nutshell Gulag, Adam Bozarth, and Lemon.

Edited by Lemon

The majority of content for this episode was provided by Montrith

The opening sentence on debate.org describes the site as a "community where intelligent minds from around the world come to debate online and read the opinions of others." We decided this needed looking into, on the assumption that any website which would brag about the intellectual level of its debates might be fooling itself. What we found was a mish-mash of poorly reasoned arguments, pointless mental excercizes, and flat out stupidity. This week, The F Plus discovers if Justin Bieber is cute or not.

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  1. Star gate better then star wars
  2. family guy is better than the simpsons
  3. Pokemon vs. Digimon
  4. justin bieber is ugly
  5. graffiti
  6. football
  7. Rape is okay unless you are being, have been or are immediately about to be raped.
  8. xbox 360 is better than ps3
  9. Epic Rap Battles of History Einstein vs. Stephen Hawkings. Who Won
  10. thett3's profile
  11. Cremations and burials should be made illegal
  12. obama should be reelect


  • The Sounds - 4 Songs & A Fight
  • Helmet - Renovation


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Episode 89: Angry Angry Hippos

READERS: Portaxx, John Toast, Victor Laszlo, Isfahan, Boots Raingear, and Lemon

Edited by Isfahan

Content for this episode was provided by Montrith, Jacobb and Lady Frenzy (separately, and we combined their submissions into one piece of reading)

Human beings come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and the enlightened among us would say that this is all perfectly fine. While there may be difficulties or handicaps or struggles with having or striving for certain body types, it is up to each person to find comfort in a life they choose for themselves. Again, this is the enlightened opinion. There's also the opinions of angry idiots on the internet, who loudly shriek that drawing a correlation between weight and health is equivalent to committing a hate crime. This may surprise you, but we're spending time with the latter. This week, The F Plus gets mad at corporate skinny cats.

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  1. The comments section of Pixar joins in on fat-bashing
  2. thin privilege is not having to look at weight limits when purchasing a groupon activity
  3. Chairs. Yup. Fucking CHAIRS.
  4. 21 Things to Stop Saying Unless You Hate Fat People
  5. Discussion Thread: When Fat-Shame Didn't Stop Me
  6. Today In Fat Hatred: FAT SOLDIERS
  7. Two Days In The Life of Fatty Fatastrophe
  8. Discussion Thread: I Was Fat Shamed


  • AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Dr. Feelgood & The Interns - Dr. Feel-Good

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Episode 88: I Can See Your Retch Marks

READERS: Isfahan, John Toast, Bunnybread, Portaxx, and Lemon

Edited by Isfahan

Most of this content was provided by King Kalamari

It should be no surprise to any of you that a reasonable percentage of the population finds the female breast aesthetically pleasing. There are all sorts of scientific and emotional reasons for this, but some tastes can develop from there. Many would prefer that they have a certain girth but (much to the dismay of Coco T), many will also agree that there is such a thing as "too big". The writers in this episode, all of whom belong to the website TheOverflowingBra.com, would argue that breasts can't be "too big" unless the Earth fails to contain them, and then only just. This week, The F Plus delivers our one week payload.

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Note: For reasons beyond human understanding all sites on TheOverflowingBra are provided as zipped .RTF files. The links below will take you to the HTML page to find the links on
  1. Sweet Tooth by Jojo
  2. Breakfast Table by Tenant
  3. The Breast Video Game Everby Tigeras
  4. Faeophobia: 'Cock's Desire'by XXXecil
  5. and then plot synopses from random stories on the website. Find your own!


  • Joaquín Rodrigo - Concerto de Aranjuez
  • Francisco Tárrega - Capricho Árabe


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