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A Whole New Way To Submit Content

Hello, I am a pointless stock photo. Ignore me.

Why, hi there!

Real quick, I just wanted to talk to you about submissions for a sec: We get a lot. Like, probably two or three a day. And that's great. The problem is, a lot of these submissions are compiled into a giant spreadsheet which has been around since The F Plus started, and we don't do a lot of housekeeping on that file. What I'm saying is: It's a goddamn mess, and as more submissions come in, it just gets more harder to navigate.

So to help with that, I redid the submit content page to explain the new system. If you still want to submit with the old system, feel free, but just keep in mind that it's less ideal and more likely to get your submission lost in the shuffle.

Also, if you've submitted stuff before using the old system, and you've always questioned why we never got to it, I'd very much recommend you to put a document together and submit it with the new system. Could be that the submission got lost, or it could be that we saw the one piece and couldn't imagine what the rest of the episode would look like.

You guys have been terrific at supplying us with content the last year or so, it's about time we adopted a new system to make better use of it all. Thanks.

Last Updated on Monday, 27 January 2014 09:32

Episode 81: Fear And Loathing of Las Chicas


READERS: Isfahan, Portaxx, Bunnybread, Boots Raingear, and Lemon

Edited by Isfahan

As each generation ages, it looks back on the mistakes of generations before and tries to make changes. As a result, the status and politics of gender are in constant upheaval, as men and women are constantly redefining what it means to be a member of their sex. Learned sociologists have explored what it is to be a man, and our subject for this episode is not one of them. Instead, we're reading the musings of Michael Byc. He considers himself an alpha male as well as a writer, though we're left to guess which of these two things he thinks he's better at. This week, we're all wearing sandals.

This episode was suggested by Montrith.

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  1. Colonel Perspicacity a novel(?) by Michael Byc
  2. Who is Michael Byc?
  3. Why is Michael Byc?
  4. Oh shit! Between recording this episode and putting it online, Michael Byc's WordPress site has been marked private. As such, we don't have links to any of the items on his blog


  • Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance
  • David Allan Coe - Don't Bite the Dick


Last Updated on Monday, 03 December 2012 18:33

Episode 80: Disliking This Episode Is A Form Of Harassment

READERS: bumpgrrl, John, Boots Raingear, Bunnybread, and Lemon

Edited by Lemon

A civilized society is a society of laws, but problems may occur when brilliant and cunning individuals find ways to circumvent the spirit of a law while adhering cynically to its letter. Our subject for this episode, Jonathan Lee Riches, is neither brilliant nor cunning, and it was his many thousand daliances with the legal community that got him a fair amount of gawker attention, and nothing much else. Can one man bring down the entire legal system just by filing frivolous lawsuit? Nope! Seems like he can't but that won't make him stop trying. This week, various buddhist monks finally get what's coming to them.

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  1. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Michael Vick
  2. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. OJ Simpson
  3. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Lots & Lots of People
  4. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Kim Kardashian I
  5. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Kim Kardashian II
  6. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Kim Kardashian III
  7. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Charles Carreon


  • The Law & Order Music
  • The Law & Order Noise
  • Cracker - Lonesome Johnny Blues

Last Updated on Saturday, 18 August 2012 09:35

Episode 79: Help Me Help Rob Help You

READERS: Boots Raingear, Portaxx, Nutshell Gulag, John, Jimmyfranks, and Lemon

Edited by Boots Raingear

Like any modern internet citizens, we mourn the loss of AskJeeves.com. Back in its heyday, you could ask Jeeves any question, and the software would provide a response. Okay, sure - the response that Jeeves would give would have nothing to do with your question, and would instead try to point you to the website of its sponsor, but at least it was comforting that whatever your question was, Jeeves felt he has an answer. As it happens, over at the website eHelp.com, there's a similar situation. Except instead of poorly written alogrithm that randomly selects a sponsor, eHelp has one guy, or maybe it's a parrot. Anyway, you'll find out when you listen. This week, The F Plus learns if slavery was a good or a bad thing.

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  1. Lots and lots of stuff. I don't think we kept a list this time, sorry.


  • They Might Be Giants - Where Do They Make Balloons?
  • Faith No More - Helpless


This drawing is by Zamza

Zamza Presents: Birth of a Rob
Last Updated on Thursday, 12 September 2013 20:06

Episode 78: The Devil Went Down To Tumblr

READERS: Nutshell Gulag, Portaxx, bumpgrrl, Boots Raingear, Jack Chick, Acierocolotl, and John.

Edited by Portaxx

As the debate about the United States being a Christian Nation™ rages on (mostly in the form of poorly conceived Chick-Fil-A marketing efforts), we at The F Plus (excluding its leader, who spent the week on other pursuits) found ourselves wondering: What is the truest vision of Hell, and is Brokencyde making records there? Fortunately for us all, Tumblr exists, and if there ever was a more informative website than Tumblr, I haven't seen it. Full disclosure: The writer of this summary has only ever seen Tumblr and CatsThatLookLikeHitler.com. This week, The F Plus has a coupon for half of any sandwich energy.

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  1. rant.
  2. Rules For Commenting/System Notes/Boundaries/FAQ
  3. Noise Breather Bats (Undertone Screech Scratch Huff Huff)* - Children of Asherah, Children of Lilith
  4. Dracht Marriage - Children of Asherah, Children of Lilith
  6. Aspect of Amduscias - Lord of Metal - Children of Asherah, Children of Lilith
  7. In Remembrance.
  8. and then some quotes from Tumblr


  • Fantasia OST - Night on Bald Mountain
  • Ave Maria


Just so you can always remember this episode, Portaxx wants to supply you with your own new demonic wallpaper. Just look at those demons! They are fucking terrifying!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 22:10

IRREGULAR #2: Furries



Irregular has its own website as well as its own RSS Feed, so people subscribed to The F Plus won't be automatically downloading episodes of Irregular or vice versa, but we will be posting updates on this site when new episodes are out.

For our second episode, we have a meandering conversation with three very different people inside the furry community. Kaye Devin (a shiba inu who does commission art), Veneer Maro (a snow leopard who just got her first fursuit), and Ari (a lion who is proud of his kinks).

We spend about an hour talking about the genesis of realizing that you are a furry, the procurement and utilization of fursuits, and the plusses and minuses of the furry community as a whole.

Music: L'Aguardiente by Camper Van Beethoven

Last Updated on Monday, 16 July 2012 11:03

Content's coming soonish.

Just wanted to leave a quick note: We have a couple episodes recorded and waiting to be released, the editing has just been a little backlogged at the moment.


Episode 77: Go Get 'Em, Tiger

READERS: Isfahan, Portaxx, Boots Raingear, STOG, and Lemon.

Edited by Isfahan

In the four years that we've been cataloging the stranger parts of the Internet in podcast form, we've been asked why we've never done anything with furries. The issue mainly relies on the expansiveness of this subject - with the sheer amount of furries and furry-related shenanigans on the internet, along with the fact that most internet-savvy people at least have some passing knowledge of what a furry is, we need to be selective in our focus. Fortunately, Zeis introduced us to Pounced.Org - a furry dating website similar to okCupid, but with far more use of the term "diaperfur". This week, The F Plus develops a clothes-wearing fetish.

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  1. Gargoyle looking for a master/dom and friends.
  2. Just being a good friend and moving on.
  3. Scottish Student Skunkbear Seeks Sausage :D
  4. Foxie looking for friends only
  5. seeking bedroom fun or friends.
  6. Hyena Queen seeks Submissives (findomme)
  7. Seeking Stinky Girl
  8. Most Extreme Furry in the World, Seriously
  9. Demon Wolf
  10. Avilcores do EXIST!
  11. Certified Faguar (offline)


  • Nine Inch Nails - Closer
  • Kurrel the Raven - The Furry Song


Last Updated on Monday, 10 December 2012 12:57

Episode 76: Today's Progress Was Yesterday's Form Field

READERS: Kumquatxop, Portaxx, John, Boots Raingear, STOG, and Lemon.

Edited by Boots Raingear

In the run up to the 2008 American election, Barack Obama told the world that "We are the change we seek." And now, as we reflect on our discontent with the status quo of tax policies, drone strikes, prisoners held indefinitely, and general apathy, we may realize that maybe we weren't looking for us at all. Real change is gonna come from the internet, in the form of asinine and pointless online petitions. We're looking at Change.org and PetitionOnline.com, two sites where your voice can be heard, but it will still be marble-mouthed and pubescent. This week, who wants to get high? Go Islanders!

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  1. Everyone that believes in FREEDOM!: Give Adrien the day off on Friday!
  2. Mike Laforte: If 100 people signs this, mike will Come up to syracuse
  3. Nintendo: Make A Green 3DS
  4. pepsi company: vote for more caffeine in mountain dew (all)
  5. Super-Articulated My Little Ponies
  6. Production request for My Little Pony
  7. Tony's Penis is too Large
  8. More Good Dragons
  9. Lets Save America - Ban Anime Now
  10. Anime
  11. Ball Pits
  12. Forgive me, Joei
  13. We want foreskin generation!
  14. Stop and Disassemble the Large Hadron Collider


  • Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come
  • Chi-Lites - Give More Power To The People


Last Updated on Sunday, 10 June 2012 10:39

Hans Von Hozel needs a Pokey Man.

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 June 2012 18:20

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