Episode 106: Asgard Doesn't Have Alimony Laws

with Boots Raingear, Adam Bozarth, Jimmyfranks, Kumquatxop, and Lemon.

Edited by Lemon

Content for this episode was provided by Erminea Heart, Gaylord McHappenstance, and Sherlockian

Love is a curious thing. The thing that drives two people together into a passionate embrace is as complicated as it is powerful. But the thing that drives one person to claim that they're married to a Norse god? That's called "being a crazy person". We're taking a look at Lokiwives and godspouses: People who claim to be in a polygamous relationship with one or more gods, and report that the sex is terrific. This week, wherever you go, whatever you do, these people still won't make any sense.

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  1. Nouvelle Vague - Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn'tve)
  2. FC Kahuna - Bleep Freak
  3. Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting
  4. Danzig - Brand New God
  5. Lemon singing U2's "In God's Country"

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Episode 105: The Only Thing I Know Is That I Am An Expert In Everything

with Jack Chick, Nutshell Gulag, STOG, Boots Raingear, and Lemon.

Edited by Lemon

The majority of content for this episode was provided by Montrith.

From the very beginning, the Internet was created as a method of transferring useful, verifiable, and well sourced information from one place to another. Then some other guys showed up and said "Free information? There's no money in that!", and thus our lives were forever changed by the ASP.NET framework. But when it comes to monetizing expertise, no website charges as much while supplying as little as LivePerson.com: A multi-million dollar website where morons sell information they don't have to suckers who don't know they don't have it. This week, The F Plus is reading strategy guides to this year's Christmas Games.

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  1. King & Deco - Professional
  2. SKisM - Experts
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It's A Raspberry Pi That Plays F Plus Episodes

F Plus listener and Irregular subject Chaz GELF shared on ballp.it that he used a Raspberry Pi and a bash script to make a little computer thing that plays F Plus episodes. I felt this was something that needed sharing. The thread is here.
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Episode 104: Your Universe Is My Universe's Therapist

READERS: Isfahan, STOG, Portaxx, Boots Raingear, and Lemon.

Edited by Isfahan

Content for this episode was provided by chairmanroflmao.

Any wise man must know that there is much to the universe that he does not know. But the wiser man makes up a bunch of crap about other universes and then sells that crap to suckers for two hundred bucks a pop. On a completely related note, Burt Goldman wants to welcome you to Quantum Jumping. What is Quantum Jumping? That's privileged information, I'm gonna need your bank account information first. But while we're waiting for this transaction to process, how about I read some testimonials? This week, Isfahan will not hesitate to shoot his doppelganger.

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  1. Quantum Leap TV Theme
  2. Pointer Sisters - Jump (For My Love)
  1. Vincent McNicoll @ Reverb Nation

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A San Francisco Podcast

READERS: Lemon, Boots Raingear, Jack Chick, Kumquatxop, and Happy Ending.

Edited by Boots Raingear

Content for this episode was gathered by Lemon and Boots, with a little help from Montrith.

Pictured above: Bowls of Carrot Noodles with “Peanut” Sauce and a Dorito Sandwich (For Kids). Click for larger view.

LIVE from the home of Zynga, it's The F Plus Podcast! When Lemon and Boots visited The City By The Bay, they felt it was perfectly appropriate to sample the culinary traditions of such a vibrant and exciting city. Then, after eating some really good tacos, they made some raw food garbage based on recipes they found on the internet. Have you ever wanted to know what raw vegetable makes a perfect substitute for linguine? Or how changing the color of your salt can improve your chakra? Of course not, because you're not an idiot. This week, The F Plus plays the crunch twice for good measure.

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  1. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
  2. Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw
  3. Lady - Twerk
  4. Ween - Where'd The Cheese Go?
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Episode 103: Adam Carolla Would Look Better In A Burqa

READERS: Isfahan, Boots Raingear, John Toast, Adam Bozarth, Portaxx, and Lemon.

Edited by Lemon

Content for this episode was provided by Sherlockian.

I guess if you think about it for a little while, you could probably come up with a couple good things that women have provided for the world. Apparently the square bottom paper grocery bag was invented by a woman, also COBOL, and say what you will about the execution, but Toxic is a pretty catchy song. Still though, for the writers of sites like the-spearhead.com, avoiceformen.com and Men Going Their Own Way, that simply isn't enough. These are some dudes that have some issues with women, and like a lot of things, that's the fault of women. This week, The F Plus feels emboldened by the smell of urinal cakes.

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  1. James Brown - It's A Man's Man's Man's World
  2. FC Kahuna - Bleep Freak
  3. Guns N Roses - Back Off Bitch
  4. Destiny's Child - Independent Women Part I
  5. Ten Masked Men - Independent Women Part I


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READERS (in order): Jack Chick, Isfahan, bumpgrrl, Victor Laszlo (from inside a glass box), John Toast, Acierocolotl, Lemon, Portaxx, Boots Raingear, STOG, Nutshell Gulag, Bunnybread, and Kumquatxop, with special segments from and Jimmyfranks.

Edited mainly by Portaxx, with assistance from John

Content for this episode was largely provided by the person reading it. Portaxx served as the Show Runner for this episode.

For the 100th Episode of The F Plus, we wanted to take a couple of hours exploring the internet's stupid and misguided history, tackling some subjects from many years ago that have stuck with us like a herpes sore.

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  1. Ulilillia Really Likes Pizza, Some Colors, And Bubsy (and he has the math to prove it)
  2. David Gontermann Has An Unhealthy Conversation With An Underage Hedgehog
  3. JustinRPG Goes On A Talk Show To Explain His Love For Reshiram
  4. I Genuinely Have No Idea Why I Can't Get Laid, I Presume It Must Be A Conspiracy
  5. The Rat Porn Lady Is Going To Cast A Spell On You
  6. Yiff The Otter
  7. Let's Read Random Selections From Time Cube
  9. Pinku Is Japanese For Pink
  10. My Wife Is Frequently Bored
  11. Alex Chiu Is Going To Make You Gorgeous
  12. Matthew Moulton Has A Hard Time Making Friends
  13. Why Is It That People Forget About The Elven Holocaust?
  14. And Then Legolas Said "Which Voice Did I Use For This Again?"
  15. 2 The Ranting Griffon Does Not Understand Atrocity Tourism
  16. Dave Hopkins Doesn't Need To Listen To Your Criticism

(the reader intros were selections from Fat Chicks In Party Hats)

  1. justinRPG - I Love Reshiram (Married To Reshiram)
  2. justinRPG - I Hate This Windows Vista Tonight
  3. Alienjack - Freak of Emotion part 1
  4. Dragonstomper - Escape

(the last two songs are from the Struggle And Fall album, assembled and produced by K. Thor Jensen)


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Submit Content? Yes, you should.

I've mentioned it a couple times, but the Submit Content page is embarassingly outdated. Because of this, perfectly reasonable people made incorrect assumptions just because they didn't have the right information. But fortunately, I just fixed all that!

So the new submit content page gives you all the information you'll need to put together podcast ready docs, and, as an added bonus, we just added the feature on being able to spy on the hopper.

We have locked the actual material from public view, but you'll always be able to look at this spreadsheet and see all the submissions we've received, and how they're doing. This spreadsheet will remain up to date, as it's tied to the secret spreadsheet that the ridiculists use to score submissions (more on that in the submit content page)

Now as for the actual content itself, I assume you'd like to know when we'll be releasing some new episodes? Soon, very soon, I totally promise. We have no less than 5 episodes which we've finished the recording on, and are currently waiting on the tender caress of their respective editors. So, content soon. Until then, check out these goddamn submissions!

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Episode 102: I've Also Got An Idea For A Reboot Of Young Guns

READERS: Boots Raingear, Kumquatxop, Acierocolotl, Adam Bozarth, and Lemon.

Edited by Adam Bozarth

Content for this episode was provided by Cheapskate.

With operating budgets starting in the millions of dollars, the American Motion Picture is not an art form prone to risk or innovation. As the internet democratizes art, fresh ideas can come from anywhere. Take, for example, the website FilmProposals.com, where people write down poorly considered movie ideas to an audience of nobody for no reason whatsoever. Could this change the face of Hollywood? Sure, why not? This week, sex will be had (like it or not).

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  1. Chris and Tad - Film Party
  2. The Kinks - Groovy Movies

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Episode 101: I Hope My Kids Never Evolve

READERS: STOG, Kumquatxop, Bunnybread, Adam Bozarth, and Lemon.

Edited by STOG

Content for this episode was provided by Montrith.

NOTE: For those of you waiting for the 100th Episode Spectacular, please be aware that this is episode #101.

Many people would agree that monkeys, by and large, are pretty cute. This is why they make popular zoo attractions, popular designs on t-shirts, and popular themes in nursery gear. Because we like looking at monkeys, they're a lot like us. But not so much like us that we'd consider adopting one and raising it like it was our own child. Well... most of us wouldn't do that.

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  1. James Kolchaka Superstar - Monkey Vs Robot
  2. Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey

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