LIVE EPISODE: Weird Romance [F Plus Live 3]

From Grumpy's in Minneapolis, this is the third (and unequivocably the best) F PLUS LIVE! 13 readers, 13 dreadful books, and a smattering of playlets between them. Weird Romance is the theme, and our topics range from giant breasts to werewolves to trolls to unspeakable horror to balloon fetishism to menstruation to phallocentric art criticism to everywhere in between. The recording is split into three parts and we have a couple YouTube videos as well. Clear three and a half hours from your schedule, because this is a big one!

Edited by Jimmyfranks.


with John Toast, Isfahan, Bunnybread, Frank West, Portaxx, and The Not Ready For YouTube Players.

From the raucous Grumpy's Bar in Downtown Minneapolis, The F Plus Live is back! This time with an overarching concept of Weird Romance, you'll be hearing pieces many different books, all written by authors with different mental problems. John Toast starts out the evening with a book about very big breasts that make you want to... well, you know... Then Isfahan steps in with a teen gay werewolf romance novel crushed under its own dialogue. Then Boots Raingear, Kumquatxop and Lemon perform the first erotic playlet of the night and this one has a backslash in it. Bunnybread has a soft romantic story about a well endowed troll who loves oral sex. Frank West reads probably the worst thing we've ever heard, no really I mean it, this one is super disturbing. Portaxx apologies for Frank West and, recognizing the popularity of supernatural romance stories, just runs through some boilerplate story that takes place at a circus. Then to round out part one, Victor Laszlo and STOG are Batman and Robin, just like that dream you had once.


with STOG, bumpgrrl, Lemon, Jimmyfranks, Jack Chick, and The Not Ready For YouTube Players.

We got quite ways to go from here, so let's start it out with a Christmas Miracle from STOG that will teach you to run for cover whenever Santa wiggles his nose. bumpgrrl brings forth a sexual nightmare all about a womanlike creature with more clitorides than you can handle in a single life. Then it's Lemon's turn to read, and he has a story about a complicated relationship about balloon fetishism and rules that are meant to be broken. Jimmyfranks is up after that, and he has a story about a stripper on her period with a supercomputer in her vagina. Then it turns out The Law & Order slash fiction has a sequel, and it's brought to you by Toast, Bunnybread and Lemon. Jack Chick rounds out part three, puts his leg up in the air and reads about a naked man, a shapeshifter, and a lot of oil.


with Boots Raingear, Adam Bozarth, Kumquatxop, and The Not Ready For YouTube Players.

It's the last leg of F Plus Live 3, and we're not running out of energy. We'll start things out with Boots Raingear, bringing a story about a cavewoman disappointed in her lovelife until a new sexual partner turns her into a mound of pleasure. The Not Ready for YouTube Players take the stage again to show Batman & Robin preventing a bank heist. Adam Bozarth takes the stage to tell a story about the dangers of the United Nations and a hero who takes art appreciation to an exciting new place. Kumquatxop is the headliner of the night and he's got a book about teen angst as seen through the eyes of a clown. Then, because they haven't kicked us out, Adam Bozarth and Frank West do one more piece of Batman fan fiction. See you live next time.

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Episode 152: This Ain't Episode 152 XXX

with Boots Raingear, Kumquatxop, Jimmyfranks, Portaxx, John Toast, and Lemon.

Content for this episode was compiled by Boots Raingear
Edited by Jimmyfranks. is a forum where people talk about porn. And uh... Yeah, I think that pretty much covers it. This is definitely one of the gross ones. This week, The F Plus abandons our jerk off station.


  1. Duran Duran- Girls on Film
  2. Shel Silverstein-I Saw Polly In A Porny
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Episode 151: F Plus Sings!

with Jimmyfranks, Jack Chick, Isfahan, STOG, and Lemon.

Content for this episode was compiled by Markus
Edited by Jimmyfranks. is a place on the internet where self-professed songwriters can post lyrics without accompaniment, and it's up to the internet to build a song around what they have. Alright then, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Our first-ever musical episode has 5 ridiculists trying their best to sing the unsingable. The rest is for the remix.


  1. Arthur Conley- Sweet Soul Music
  2. The Carpenters- Sing a Song


As mentioned in the episode, we were looking for people to musicate our lyrics. Here's what people came up with...


Lady Frenzy turned in a lot of remixes, all of them wonderful.

For her superb work, Lady Frenzy won this prize package


Honorable Mentions

A Couple More


I probably won't send you anything, but here's the raw files if you're interested.
  1. "Warrior", sung by Jimmyfranks
  2. "Deal with God", sung by Isfahan
  3. "Party", sung by STOG
  4. "Losing My Religion, no not that one", sung by Jack Chick
  5. "Rainbows (Na Na Na)", sung by Lemon
  6. "The Blind Teacher", sung by Jimmyfranks
  7. "Get Away (I'm Okay)", sung by STOG
  8. "There You Stood Girl", sung by Lemon
  9. "Immortal (I Feel Like A)", sung by Jack Chick
  10. "1last time 4u2 dance", sung by Jimmyfranks
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Episode 150: Snoot By The Foot

with Boots Raingear, Jimmyfranks, Kumquatxop, John Toast, and Lemon.

Content for this episode was compiled by Caroline

Edited by Lemon.

It's probably a complicated confluence of biology and experience that leads a person to become a foot fetishist, but it is a confluence that clearly happens very often, if the internet is to be believed. What exactly is it that these foot fetishists seem to hold as a common interest? Well, if you ask the members of The Den Of Smelly Feet, the answer is... yeah, that. This week, The F Plus really wants to make out with Gary.

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell
  2. J. Geils Band - Love Stinks


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Episode 149: There's a Reason Why We Don't Do Drugs Together

with Jimmyfranks, Boots Raingear, Isfahan, Portaxx, and Lemon.

Content for this episode was compiled by A Meat

Edited by Jimmyfranks.

When you get a room full of drug enthusiasts together, the topics of conversation are somewhat predictable; Terrible music, guys we ain't seen lately, and where can we get more drugs. But this episode explores what happens when those topics drift. We're going to The Hip Forums to browse some less popular forums, particularly sexuality and religion, and you WILL be horrified by what you find. No no no, you really will be. This week, The F Plus wants a boatboy (as soon as we know what one is).

  1. Tower of Power - What is Hip?
  2. ABC- So Hip It Hurts
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Episode 148: Exclusive Unoriginal Content

with Jimmyfranks, Acierocolotl, Kumquatxop, Adam Bozarth, and Lemon.

Content for this episode was compiled by Cheapskate1

Edited by Lemon.

The community of contributors to are clearly experts in consuming mass media. They've honed their skills in identifying devices, contrivances, holes and structure in various plots, so much so that they may have distilled fiction as a whole into simple, repeatable formulas. Does that make them good writers? Let's find out! This week, The F Plus gets 241's at the Angsty Wang.

  1. Cibo Matto - Lint of Love
  2. Future of the Left - Notes On Achieving Orbit
1: Cheapskate did this doc, not Montrith, Lemon you idiot
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Episode 147: This Episode Doesn't Need A Title, Man

with Boots Raingear, Kumquatxop, STOG, Adam Bozarth, and Lemon.

Content for this episode was compiled by Montrith.

Edited by Boots Raingear.

The understanding and definition of "truth" is constantly redefined, expanded, and re-evaluated with new information as it is learned. Fortunately for us, the brave citizenry of have taken more than their share of mind-expanding drugs, and now they are ready to share their knowledge. Knowledge about how to be a Muslim without believing in the Koran, or the best comedy routines on 9/11 conspiracy theories. This week, The F Plus learns what happens when you sit on a cake.

  1. Ween - Flies On My Dick
  2. H. R. Pufnstuf theme song

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F Plus Live: Weird Romance

Once again, The F Plus converges on the great city of Minneapolis for a beer-filled night of reading the worst romance novels they could find.

Where: Grumpy's Downtown

When: Sunday, October 5th @ 9PM

COST: Free

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 September 2014 00:37

Episode 146: Don't Patreonize Me

with Boots Raingear, John Toast, Isfahan, Portaxx, and Lemon.

Content for this episode was compiled by Yellow Jester.

Edited by Isfahan.

What is the value of art? That's very difficult to say. It's possible to get your art to sell for hundreds of millions of dollars, but first you'll have to be dead and have your life's work liquidated by David Geffen. If you're unlucky, you're a webcomic author, constantly making Tumblr posts advertising your work to an audience of nobody waiting for the day that everything hits big. And that's where Patreon comes in. A crowdfunding service with no possible benefit for the world, Patreon wants to turn whiny, self-important Best Buy shelf-stockers into whiny, self important internet celebrities. This week, The F Plus can finally buy the special paper.

  1. Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
  2. ZZ Top - Just Got Paid

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